hardware - entries

Motion Sickness Fish

Billy Bass fish modified to sing a Phoebe Bridgers song

Mini-ITX Computer Case

My custom-built PC case that fit in my backpack.

3D Printer Light Tower

An indicator to represent 3D printer status.


A Python library wrapper to interact with the NXT

MOTD Necklace

Display a different message every day on an e-Ink necklace.

Rave Choker / Outshine

A NeoPixel driver project, a companion Android app, and a stylish LED choker.

Pinewood Derby Car

A model car full of blinkenlights that I programmed when I was a smol child.

R2D2 Clone

Made of an old plastic bucket.


A Guitar-Hero-style game built for the ST Discovery board.

ATtiny85 Stacker Game

A simple stacking game running on a low-power Atmel chip.

Wall Matrix

A small, flashy display I made to hang on the wall.

PocKey - RP2040, SH1107, and lessons from a failed project

I invested countless hours into this project and I have nothing to show for it but a story.