hey, i'm
brooke chalmers.


welcome to my little patch of internet.


about me

hey, i'm brooke, and i'm here to learn, create, and enjoy it.

i'm passionate about embedded systems, backend engineering, and web dev.

my favorite tools are python, react, redis, and linux. i've also started learning rust.

i believe that the only way to learn something fully is to be creative with it. you can never truly understand something without applying it to a problem yourself.

i'm a trans woman, and i'm still learning to love myself. i want to be myself and leave an impact on the world that i can be proud of.

technology should be for everyone. i think it's important to create tools and resources that help people express themselves creatively—whether that's with code, or something else entirely. (we can't all spend our lives making websites with too much javascript.)

be excellent to each other.