URC 2023

university rover challenge, year 2! building a rover in a town named grover. ran up a big hill because i was bored

North Adams, MA

shot on DSLR. not pictured: the other 1.2GB worth of photos with bad focus pulls, too little exposure, or weird framing

Mattapan Line

mattapan line! oomfie let me borrow her camera and showed me how to use it :)

Fall Colors in Boston

the night is starting earlier, which means it's even easier to get beautiful shots of the sunset or after dark.

Looking out over water

"Brooke is a human dowsing rod, drawn to water at all times whether she likes it or not. part of her longs for the ocean's depths, another part is terrified of what she'll find. so far the second part has won, but it's getting weaker" -Echo Nolan, 2020

University Rover Challenge

we crimped cables. we took pictures of rocks. we stayed up way too late getting the software working. some of us even attempted (with limited success) to make smores at 2 in the morning with a lil blowtorch. we traversed the bumpiest road i've ever experienced, twice a day. we sprinted up every lil dirt mound we could find. and we might've let loose just a liiiitle bit too much once it was over. but above all, we roved!

im so glad i got to go on this trip with such amazing people, work on such an awesome project, get as close to mars as possible without leaving earth, and get to know my teammates as people so much more than i had before. and i can't wait to do it all (r)over again next year!

my hometown

a lot of my new friends don't know much about where i'm from, so i figured i'd take you all on a lil biking tour! here are some of my favorite outdoor places around my hometown :)