Dynamic Music

Navigate and manipulate a virtual environment of sound sources.

A screenshot of the environment.

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This project is a virtual environment containing several sound sources, represented as spheres. The listener, represented with a cone, can navigate around the environment to hear different combinations of the sources. Additionally, they can move the sources around within the environment.

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I was inspired by the way it feels to work with music in a DAW: almost like exploring some sort of space. I decided to create a virtual space which replicated that feeling, allowing anyone to play with the mixing of a song. I also made this out of a desire to work with Three.js.

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The app is written in vanilla JS using Vite for build tooling. Each audio track was a wav file exported from an Ableton Live set. I decided to take an object-oriented approach to the code layout, representing each sound object with an ES5 class.

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Aside from a, uh, learning moment causing some issues with the audio panning, most of the project was straightforward. In the end, I think I succeeded at creating the environment I set out to create, although a bit more variety in the sound sources (perhaps multiple sections of the piece which could be alternated between?) might have helped the experience not bore the listener as quickly.