A Python library wrapper to interact with the NXT


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This was a wrapper for nxt-python I wrote while I was in middle school for projects like the R2D2.

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I liked the featureset of nxt-python, but I wanted to make it more Pythonic and add some common features (like playing audio) that I often used in robots.

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It's a wrapper API, there's not much to describe.

import mindjacker

brick = mindjacker.Brick()

brick.move(["b", "c"], 100, rotations=5, steer=50, brake=False)

measurement = brick.ultrasonic(1)
print(f"Ultrasonic sensor measures {measurement} inches")

brick.write("data.log", measurement)

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This was one of the first APIs I actually designed. It's a pretty flawed design, but it was a learning experience. This was also one of the first times I wrote software to make it easier for me to write more software, and I decided to make it open-source.