Hey there. Here are the projects I've made.


In 2018, I joined MSSM's robotics team. In our first year, our team qualified for the World Championship.

In 2019, I started Red Storm Robotics at Scarborough. We also qualified for the World Championship.


I created a system for synchronizing devices into a light show controlled by DAW software.

Client devices load a website and select a zone based on their physical position.

Then, a MIDI track in the DAW will send messages to each device, triggering a change in color.


This system uses computer vision and linear algebra to accurately determine the position of objects in a scene.

Then, it makes these positions available through an API to allow robots in the scene to know their position.

In this video, the robot finds its way to the target marker using only the Local Position System, even when it is pulled off course.


I've been making projects like this since I was young.

Here's a car I made when I was 11. An animation (that I first drew on graph paper) plays on the top display. In a separate mode, text would scroll across. Everything was programmed using C++.

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