design language

i like to keep things consistent.

these are the fonts and colors i tend to use across my projects and online presence, presented here for reference.


in titles, headings, decorative text, etc., for style.

in body text, for readability.

in code or other monospace text.

both Nunito and Montserrat are licensed under the SIL Open Font License. Ubuntu Mono is licensed under the Ubuntu Font License, which is quite similar to the SIL Open Font License. All three are available from Google Fonts for free, and the licenses permit self-hosting.


the color scheme i use is based off of the pansexual pride flag. legally, the flag is the work of a tumblr user, but they have released it under the terms of "use as you see fit." regardless of the legal interpretation of those words, the use of the color scheme for an alternate purpose likely qualifies as an entirely separate work under copyright law. for what it's worth, wikipedia considers the flag to be public domain. that said, i am not a lawyer.

originally, the pink color was , but in recent works, i've tweaked it up to instead to improve legibility and reduce the harshness.

the blue color remains at . however, this blue does not meet a11y guidelines for contrast, so i use for coloring text (such as links) on a white background.

the yellow is unmodified from .


my full name is Brooke Madeline Chalmers. in most common usage, i leave out the middle name, but you're welcome to include it. friends, strangers, and my Starbucks barista call me Brooke.

previously, i went by a different name. it's not hard to find, but it's not my name anymore, so i see no reason to list it here. it is no longer my name, please do not use it.

you might see the word used in my domain name, email address, and various online usernames. i use this handle online for brevity and uniqueness. it originates from the AVR assembly instruction BREQ, signifying branch-if-equal. feel free to credit me as in source files and the like. you can also call me breq IRL if you'd like, although nobody else does. generally, stylizing "breq" in entirely lowercase is preferred, but entirely uppercase is acceptable. no canonical pronunciation exists, be creative.


the cube with logic gates serves as my logo. in case you didn't notice, it's a half-adder circuit.

the cube is lit in the colors described above (notably, using the original pink instead of the lightened one). you can grab the .glb from this page for a GLTF format, or get some nice renders from my keybase page .